Why Outsource to Sri Lanka?

Ranked among the top outsourcing location

Sri Lanka is an incredible tropical paradise on the Indian Ocean that attracts many tourists.


Why would you select Sri Lanka?

Due to its substantial tax advantages, expanding GDP, and favourable trade links, Sri Lanka
has emerged as the top destination for outsourcing knowledge-based projects.
Sri Lanka has been recognized and shortlisted numerous times by the National Outsourcing
Association as the "Offshore Destination of the Year" due to its ability to establish a reputation
for producing high-quality software solutions.

The high level of literacy among Sri Lankans has made the country's IT sector one of the most
effective, skilled, and lucrative in the world.
Sri Lanka, which has ranked first in South Asia for the past ten years, is at its peak as the
region's go-to destination for corporations with headquarters in the US, Europe, and Australia.
Here are a few of the factors that contribute to Sri Lanka's popularity as a location for outsourcing.
- Recognized by Global Services Magazine as one of the top 10 rising international travel

- Awarded "Offshore Destination of the Year" in 2013 and 2014 by the National Outsourcing
2015 shortlist for the Award.

- Placed among the top 30 locations for offshore services according to Gartner.
among the top six countries in the Asia Pacific.

- Ranked 11th in 2017 in terms of financial favorability, people skills and availability, and
business environment in A.T. Kearney's Global Services Location Index (GSLI).

- The top-ranking destination in South Asia according to the United Nations e-Government study
is ranked 12th overall in the IBM Global Location Trends Report.

Cost Effectiveness

According to the Business Dictionary, "the cost-effectiveness of any product can be defined as
the link between monetary inputs and the desired outcome."

Open economic policies and tax advantages in line with skilled and experienced engineers;
commitment to be able to provide clients associated with the Sri Lankan IT sector with costeffective software solutions.Sri Lanka is the ideal location to outsource since customers will first
move to the next stage after anticipating the precise cost and ascertaining the product quality of
the application, which will attest to the plethora of our development skills.

Exceptional Product Quality

The highly skilled IT sector in Sri Lanka is renowned for the high caliber of its operations.
Through a consistent stream of product deliverables, Sri Lanka manages to create the
perception of higher software product quality in comparison to other outsourcing locations.
The success of Sri Lanka's IT sector can be attributed to a few things, including corporate
culture, trustworthy communication, and absolute customer satisfaction.