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Who We Are?

Nexmatrixlab offers a wealth of technological and corporate expertise to our clients. For any business requirements, we develop diverse, custom, complex, web and mobile solutions. For our clients, our experience and knowledge translate into added value and peace of mind. With Nexmatrixlab, you receive a quality product and an outstanding service.

What We Do?

Nexmatrixlab adopts cutting-edge technologies while applying an Agile delivery approach to our product solutions.
In order to learn more about how we can support your business, check out our expertise areas and don't hesitate to shoot us a question!
We take your ideas and create custom tech applications from the ground up, tailored to your specific needs. Our developers and executive staff, according to our Nexmatrixlab clients, are among the best in the world. You can count on us to get the job done right the first time.
Our Quality Assurance and Production departments operate independently because we believe in doing everything right from the start. All of our projects go through a thorough and rigorous quality assurance process. We will also double-check third-party services to ensure that you are receiving what is expected.
Nexmatrixlab will assist you to upgrade or replace your old legacy systems with cutting-edge new technology and powerful custom development systems. We'll boost the company's productivity and take it to a new level so you can stay ahead of the market.
Before we begin to design a product, we communicate with our clients to get a better understanding of their requirements. Our experts will examine the functionality, business principles, infrastructure and potential usage scenarios of your project. We will take care of the details so you can concentrate on the big picture.

Bring your idea to life with us

We will assist you with the best approach for your innovative application.

Identify the requirements

Design and Architecture

Developing the Product

Presenting the Application

We follow the Agile Delivery Approach
Frequently and Quickly Delivering New Features
Flexibility and Change-Readiness
Product Development in a Cost-Effective Manner
Client Involvement in the Delivery Process
Transparency at its Finest

Who We Serve?

Our solutions across industries enable enterprises to use quality-driven processes to develop and execute strategies unique to the sector to achieve the best possible ROI.


E-commerce and Retail

Travel & Leisure



Real Estate

Food & Restaurant

Media & Entertainment

What We Promise

The most important consideration for Nexmatrixlab when selecting technology is how well it meets the needs of our customers.

Nexmatrixlab does not resell any third-party vendor's platforms or technologies. We guarantee that we will never choose a technology or solution based on a business incentive; instead, we will choose based on how our consumers will benefit from it.

Since our customers' time is money, completing every project on time is one of Nexmatrixlab's top priorities.

Our customers value fair and transparent pricing, so that's what Nexmatrixlab offers.

Some of Our Clients


What they say about us

System is very accurate and user friendly. Excellent customer service..Highly recommended.

Ajantha Roofing

The staff was great. The members were very helpful and answered all our questions. Quick service & very trust worthy. Thanks for Nexmatrixlab (Pvt) Ltd.

Rumesh Tharanga

Highly Recommended!

Janaka Kumarasinghe

I can recommend Nexmatrixlab highly enough. Their exceptional skill set, reliable support, and prompt crisis management make them an excellent choice for any software development needs.

Suminda Fernando

Head of Group IT, Vision Care Group

It’s been 2 months they are giving super service with a good system.
Super flexible.
Thank you NexmatixLab .
Hope you will continue the same.
Thank you!

Sachithra Wijerathna

Great service 👍🏻 highly recommended

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