We handle every aspect of product development, enabling you to focus on the success, impact, and scaling of your company. We provide services to maximize business effectiveness, increased ROI, cost savings and mitigate project risks.

Web Application Development

It’s important how you articulate your story. If you are a brand that seeks to maximize profits or a non-profit company to increase their impact, you need a strong online presence that increases engagement, conversions and revenue. From simple static single web pages to multi-faceted applications, Nexmatrixlab has a flair for developing a wide range of web development services. We ensure that the applications promote your business and enhance online target-oriented sales.

Mobile Application Development

We have extensive knowledge of a wide range of web, mobile, and IoT languages and frameworks. We are not in the business of making prototypes; instead, we want to help you lay the technological groundwork for your business. We take great care to adapt our technological approach to your vision and create codebases that are flexible and maintainable. We are obsessed with code quality and tend to integrate a comprehensive testing suite into any web and mobile app we create. Our procedure includes extensive testing and quality assurance.

SAAS Application Development

We have the experience and technology to create SaaS solutions for any sector, allowing you to
manage your job efficiently without needing to install or maintain the product on your servers.
The solution is entirely online, with elegant user interfaces and a user-friendly design. Quality
aspects such as performance, security, scalability, data integrity, and so on are also taken into
account while designing the ultimate product.

UI / UX Design

UI/UX design bridges the gap between technology and humans.
Our UI/UX experts will ensure that your product is visually appealing, completely functional,
intelligible, and presented in an intuitive manner.
We always cooperate with you during the design process and build up well-crafted designs to
entice the intended audience at first glance and include the outstanding user experience.

MVP for Startups

Are you a tech startup seeking to make a software product?
Is it a software component in your product?
Rather than producing a product with all of the features, it is preferable to create a minimum
viable product to attract clients and then expand it in stages.We will mentor, guide, and grow
your valuable MVP using our knowledge and experience to win over investors and clients!

Cloud Computing Strategy

Cloud technology provides an internet presence with essential performance and agility.
Whether you need to optimize an existing system, deploy cloud apps, or migrate to a new cloud
infrastructure, NexmatrixLab is here to provide cost-effective cloud solutions that foster
innovation and creativity.

Quality Assurance

Software quality assurance can be classified into two parts: prevention and detection. It includes
the quality-controlling procedure from the beginning of the development lifecycle. Our QA team
collaborates with development teams and clients throughout the lifecycle to develop a precise
product. All members of the development lifecycle, not only the QA team, have the mindset of
building a quality product over a simple working system.

SEO Ranking

We analyse the main aspects of SEO from identifying the terms and phrases(keywords) that can drive relevant traffic to your website, to making your site search engine friendly, building links and promoting your site’s unique value. Following that, we will provide you with a comprehensive SEO audit report, as well as assistance on how to improve on particular areas.

Core Technologies

We take great care to match the technical approach to the vision, not the other way around.
React JS

React JS

Angular JS

Node JS

Ruby on Rails

React JS



PHP – Laravel


React JS

iOS – Swift/Objective C


Java – Kotlin

React Native

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